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Mark’s Daily Thought – Ideas from Mark Fritz to help you Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Be Successful

Successful leaders understand that their culture plays a huge role in turning their strategies into action. A successful culture is about enabling progress and the teamwork necessary to maintain that progress over time. Therefore, the right culture is key to delivering top performance year after year.

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Mark’s Daily Thought – Ideas from Mark Fritz to help you Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Be Successful

Every successful person has clarity on one thing that the unsuccessful person doesn’t. The successful always understand their priorities, where the unsuccessful are always thinking that everything is a priority. Get clarity on your priorities, and you will achieve more than what you are currently achieving.

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Mark’s Daily Thought – Ideas from Mark Fritz to help you Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Be Successful

The foundation of our life is really what we do each & every day, and not any specific events throughout the year. It is the same with the leadership of others. Our daily habits & behaviours is the foundation for our leadership success, and the trust we get from our people is earned (and re-earned) each & every day.

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A wunch of bankers

The Obvious?

I have just finished listening to Michael Lewis’s excellent book The Big Short on Audible. It is a fascinating narrative based around the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market told through the stories of those who saw it coming and laid bets involving huge amounts of money. Lewis does a great job of making the complexity of the story understandable and while none of the characters are what you’d call likeable you do end up getting carried away with the roller coaster ride they were on.

The book reminded me of the time a few years ago when we went to our bank to ask for an extended mortgage to extend the our house. I would have said that I visited “our bank manager” but he wasn’t our bank manager he was some guy in a suit driving a computer terminal. He still had the air of pomposity and making me feel small for asking for money but I realised as we watched him struggling to input the data into his terminal that he wasn’t deciding if we could have the money, the algorithms behind the software he was using were. I was tempted to say “You go off and have a coffee while I input the data because I could do it much faster myself”. But then I realised that I actually wanted him to be like an old fashioned bank manager. I wanted him to know my circumstances, have known my father, have a basis on which to make a judgement on both of our behalfs as to whether or not to lend me the money.

Reading Paul Volcker’s article in The New York Review Of Books this morning on the financial crisis I was struck by the following paragraph:

One basic flaw running through much of the recent financial innovation is that thinking embedded in mathematics and physics could be directly adapted to markets. A search for repetitive patterns of behavior and computations of normal distribution curves are a big part of the physical sciences. However, financial markets are not driven by changes in natural forces but by human phenomena, with all their implications for herd behavior, for wide swings in emotion, and for political intervention and uncertainties.

This is yet another time when I want experts, I want intelligent meatware, and I’m not so sure I can trust disembodied, disconnected systems run by morons!


[I would have linked to the Audible file of the book rather than Amazon but Audible's affiliates scheme is such a pitiful mess I couldn't be bothered]

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Mark’s Daily Thought – Ideas from Mark Fritz to help you Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Be Successful

Everyone has a unique talent or a group of abilities that forms a unique talent. When people realise what their unique talent is and focus on it, then their "magical" life begins to happen. That being true, one of the best investments of your time could be in getting clarity on what exactly your unique talent is.

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The Blogging Bishop Of Buckingham

The Obvious?

I spent a very pleasant hour this morning with Alan Wilson who is the Bishop Of Buckingham and an enthusiastic, and very good, blogger. During our conversation we rambled widely round the subjects of the web, blogging, religion and the church and with a good deal of shared beliefs and ideals.

One of the things I found most interesting in our discussion was Alan’s description of the Anglican church as being loosely organised, relatively dogma free and encompassing a really wide range of religious beliefs. We talked about the nature of churches and the degree of structure and institution needed to hold them together. Alan’s position is very similar to my own – that dogma and rules are vehicles for power rather than entirely necessary for collective understanding, and that “small pieces loosely joined” can be a more robust and long lasting alternative. However we also talked about the high degrees of autonomy and individual capabilities that are required for such loose structures to work and we talked about the need for some sort of framework that people can use as a support to making sense of things.

I mentioned a conversation I had with Thomas Koch in Hamburg about the transition from the days when the church provided the principal sense making framework, through the totalitarian period of fascism and communism to the materialism and faith in the market that is beginning to run out of steam today. Thomas and I both felt this need for some sort of new framework, religion is amost certainly the wrong word, but some set of principles and underlying beliefs about the web and the world it is enabling, that helps make sense and provide an inspiring overarching story for life in the 21st Century.

I love the fact that shared belief in the web brought Alan and I together and helped us to bridge some fairly significant differences in our world views in such a way that we both, I hope, moved forward. This is why I get so excited still about the web and remain optimistic about its impact on society. It makes these connections so much more likely and the ensuing consequence feels like evolution on steroids.

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Mark’s Daily Thought – Ideas from Mark Fritz to help you Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Be Successful

There’s a big difference in companies who execute well and those who don’t, and it involves who is owning the decisions. In successful companies, they execute well because the decisions are owned not just by the leader, but with everyone who is involved in implementing them. Do your people own the decisions in your company?

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Public Speaking=Anxiety

  • Tuesday Jun 8,2010 04:45 PM
  • By External Author
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Public speaking can be unbearable for someone with social anxiety disorder.


Mark’s Daily Thought – Ideas from Mark Fritz to help you Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Be Successful

We often look to role models, and use them as an example of how to behave & who we could become. If we look back in time, we would notice that we have made both good & bad choices of role models. Everyone is a role model (an example) for someone, so we should all strive to live our life and be the best example we can be.

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Brand New Website! The blog moves here…

Connecting People

I’m delighted to announce today the launch of our brand new website. You can reach the site at

Future blogs will now be posted on the new website, you can reach the blogs at The archive of blogs will remain on the current site for the moment.

In addition to the blogs, you can also access latest posts from The National Networker and Fresh Business Thinking, videos from my YouTube channel and useful links to networking and general business sites I recommend.

Of course, you can also find more about what I do and who I do it for as well as purchase resources to help you network more effectively.

Thanks to Rubber Cheese for designing the new site and Hatton Marketing for building it.

Please subscribe to the RSS feed on the new site to keep on receiving notifications of new blogs. We will be adding other subscription options to the blog. And please tell your network to pay us a visit!

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