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Take a look inside every successful organisation and you will hear people saying a version of this question: "How can we make it better?". The people in successful organisations know that not improving is really going backwards, and that the only way to ensure continued success is to keep on improving every day & every week.

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  • ECB braces for QE as others shift rates March 1, 2015
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Greek funding and quantitative easing in Europe, an expected rate cut in Australia and the buoyant U.S. labour market are set to be the focus of an economic week dominated by a host of central bank meetings. […]
  • China central bank steps up easing tempo as factory activity shrinks March 1, 2015
    SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Weakness in China's vast manufacturing sector, aggravated by high real borrowing costs and weak demand, appears to have driven the central bank to accelerate the pace of monetary easing to ward off deflation in the world's second-largest economy. […]


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  • Islamic State fighters attack Samarra ahead of army offensive March 1, 2015
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Islamic State suicide bombers and fighters struck targets on Saturday in the northern Iraqi city of Samarra, where security forces and their Shi'ite militia allies have been gathering for an offensive against the radical Sunni militants. […]

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