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People often like to feel one of the crowd…to not stand out. That’s ok for some situations, but getting ahead in life (and achieving to our potential) and in the crowd do not go together well. We need to be strong and do something different in order to break away from the pack. What could you do different today?

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  • South Africa's 'spaza' shops suffer as big retail rolls in April 20, 2014
    SOWETO, South Africa (Reuters) - In this corner of South Africa's black township of Soweto, the biggest building used to be the Catholic church. Now it's been overshadowed by a shopping centre and business has only gotten worse for Grace, a 68-year-old shopowner. […]
  • Daimler to sell DENZA electric car in China with local subsidy April 20, 2014
    BEIJING (Reuters) - Daimler said its DENZA electric car will be eligible for local subsidies in China when it goes on sale there in September priced at 369,000 renminbi (35,693.04 pounds). […]


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  • Malaysia Airlines plane to make emergency landing April 20, 2014
    KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysia Airlines said on Monday a plane with 166 people on board would shortly attempt an emergency landing in Kuala Lumpur after its landing gear malfunctioned on take-off. […]

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