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Everyone tells themselves stories…what they can do or what they can’t do. If you listen to successful people and their life stories, you will notice that they never told any stories to themselves with the words “I can’t”…only the stories with the words “I CAN”.

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  • Italy PM Renzi cuts taxes for 10 million low earners April 18, 2014
    ROME (Reuters) - Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Friday cut taxes for 10 million low earners to try to boost household spending after a two-year recession, making good on a promise he made after taking office two months ago. […]
  • Atos says offer for Steria, in cash, still open after Sopra bid April 18, 2014
    PARIS (Reuters) - A takeover saga shaking up France's IT services sector took a new turn on Friday when Atos said its bid for rival Steria , made before the latter agreed to an all-share offer from Sopra , was in cash - and was still on the table. […]


  • Labour Party hires Obama strategist for 2015 poll April 18, 2014
    LONDON (Reuters) - Labour Party has hired David Axelrod, the U.S. strategist who helped President Barack Obama win two presidential terms, to help with its campaign for the 2015 election, the party said on Friday. […]

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  • Drone diving to record level in Malaysian plane search April 19, 2014
    PERTH, Australia (Reuters) - A U.S. Navy deep-sea drone is diving to unprecedented depths to scour a remote stretch of the Indian Ocean floor for a missing Malaysian jetliner as the Malaysian government said it may use more remote control submarines to help with the search. […]

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