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There are far too many people who try to control what others do…which is quite difficult. Successful people have realised that they can’t control others, but can influence others by what they do themselves.

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  • Novatek says sanctions strain funding for Yamal LNG July 31, 2014
    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Western sanctions will force foreign shareholders to dig deeper in their pockets to fund Russia's Yamal LNG project, key for Moscow's plans to carve out a greater share of the frozen sea-borne gas market, Novatek said on Thursday. […]
  • Lloyds helps drag down Britain's FTSE July 31, 2014
    (Reuters) - Britain's top equity index fell on Thursday as Lloyds Banking Group pulled down financial stocks, and concerns about the impact on Europe of new sanctions on Russia also made traders wary. […]


  • SFO settles $500 million Tchenguiz damages claim July 31, 2014
    LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Serious Fraud Office has averted a 300 million-pound damages claim over its botched investigation into the Tchenguiz brothers, securing a second out-of-court settlement and closing an embarrassing chapter in its history. […]

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  • Ukraine blocks premier's resignation, backs laws July 31, 2014
    KIEV (Reuters) - Ukraine's parliament rejected Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk's resignation on Thursday and finally passed legislation he said was needed to finance an army offensive against a separatist rebellion raging in the east and avert a national default on its debts. […]

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