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Successful teams have healthy debates on the key issues. They trust each other well enough to say what they really think, and this drives good debates about the issues and ultimately better solutions. On successful teams, and after the decision is made, everyone supports it (even if they argued against it).

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  • S&P downgrades Russia's sovereign credit rating to below investment grade January 26, 2015
    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Ratings agency S&P said on Monday it had cut Russia's sovereign credit rating to BB+ or below investment grade with a negative outlook, and said Russia's economic growth prospects have weakened. […]
  • Euro recovers, global stocks up after Greek vote January 26, 2015
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The euro rebounded from two days of sharp losses on Monday, even as an anti-bailout party was victorious in Greek elections, while global stock indexes edged up on confidence in the European Central Bank's new money-printing program. […]


  • Britain to ban fracking in national parks after policy u-turn January 26, 2015
    LONDON (Reuters) - The government said on Monday it would ban fracking in national parks, reversing a policy announced last year, in a concession to the opposition Labour Party which had called for tighter controls to be written into law. […]

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  • Kurds push Islamic State out of Kobani after four-month battle January 26, 2015
    BEIRUT/ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Kurdish forces took full control of the Syrian town of Kobani on Monday, driving out remaining Islamic State fighters to end a four-month battle that became a focal point of the international fight against the ultra-hardline Islamist group. […]

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