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In order to influence others, it not only matters what they are thinking, but also what they are feeling. Capture their thoughts and they understand what you are saying. Capture their feelings and they will go beyond understanding to taking some action, as our feelings are often what powers our action.

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  • Russia conducts checks at McDonald's restaurants in Urals region August 21, 2014
    MOSCOW/YEKATERINBURG Russia (Reuters) - Russia's food safety watchdog is conducting unscheduled checks at McDonald's restaurants in the Ural mountains region of Sverdlovsk, it said on Thursday, a day after four branches in Moscow were shuttered by the same agency. […]
  • Raiffeisen plays down Russia woes, posts Quarter2 beat August 21, 2014
    VIENNA (Reuters) - Austria's Raiffeisen Bank International expects "no significant impact" from western sanctions against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, it said on Thursday, underscoring its commitment to its single most profitable market. […]


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  • Israeli air strike kills three Hamas commanders in Gaza August 21, 2014
    GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel killed three senior Hamas commanders in the Gaza Strip in an air strike on Thursday and said it would continue to target the group's armed leadership after a ceasefire failed. […]

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