Mark’s Daily Thought – Ideas from Mark Fritz to help you Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Be Successful

Our world is getting more complex each day, and making our choices (decisions) in life more difficult as well. The successful people make their choices in life easier by basing them on very simple (& clear) goals and values. These goals & values create simplicity in a complex world.

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Mark’s Daily Thought – Ideas from Mark Fritz to help you Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Be Successful

Complexity is something that no longer impresses others. In a world that has become so complex, it is simplicity, and the people who can keep things simple that impresses others. When it’s complex, you prove you know something…when you make it simple, you prove you know it well.

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    BELGRADE (Reuters) - Health workers and teachers in Serbia announced on Thursday they would strike next month in the first real sign of resistance to wage and pension cuts introduced by the government to try to stabilise the budget. […]

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