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Have you ever noticed that our interactions with others often trigger actions in both us and them. It is often our key discussions with others that adds more "heat" to the actions we need to take. Remember, your key interactions (discussions) will always raise the temperature of what you both want to achieve.

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  • Irish government could hike bank levy amid mortgage dispute - Deputy PM April 19, 2015
    DUBLIN (Reuters) - Ireland may consider increasing the annual charge it levies on banks operating in the country if lenders do not move to cut variable rate mortgages, Deputy Prime Minister Joan Burton said on Sunday.
  • France to expand back-to-work scheme - Hollande April 19, 2015
    PARIS (Reuters) - France will extend planned back-to-work bonus payments to part-time jobs and younger recipients, President Francois Hollande said on Sunday, as he battles persistently high unemployment that has tarnished his first three years in office.


  • Cameron says Labour-SNP power deal would be frightening April 19, 2015
    LONDON (Reuters) - The prospect of Scottish Nationalists holding sway over a minority Labour government is "frightening", Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday, as polls suggested deadlock 18 days before an election.

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