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Successful teams have healthy debates on the key issues. They trust each other well enough to say what they really think, and this drives good debates about the issues and ultimately better solutions. On successful teams, and after the decision is made, everyone supports it (even if they argued against it).

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  • Eurosceptic Farage says pro-EU campaign is stealing a march on 'No' July 30, 2015
    LONDON (Reuters) - Eurosceptics who want Britain to quit the European Union are letting pro-EU campaigners get a head start in mobilising opinion ahead of an In/Out referendum that could take place within a year, Britain's most prominent Eurosceptic said on Thursday.

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  • Chileans spooked by crime, demand government action July 30, 2015
    SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Hundreds of Chileans took to the streets of affluent Santiago neighbourhoods on Wednesday night, clanging kitchenware and waving banners to protest what they say is an explosion in crime in one of South America's safest nations.

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