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People often like to feel one of the crowd…to not stand out. That’s ok for some situations, but getting ahead in life (and achieving to our potential) and in the crowd do not go together well. We need to be strong and do something different in order to break away from the pack. What could you do different today?

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  • Oil slips as dollar strengthens; traders eye Nigerian outages May 13, 2016
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil prices slipped on Friday, ending a three-day rally as a strong dollar weighed and investors cashed in on recent gains, but losses were cushioned by outages in Nigeria that have slashed output to the lowest in over two decades.
  • Lufthansa, pilots union say striving for wage deal by end-July May 13, 2016
    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Lufthansa and its pilots' union have raised the prospect of reaching an agreement by end-July in their long-running dispute over early retirement benefits and pay that has involved over a dozen strikes.


  • British delivery driver jailed for plot to kill U.S. troops May 13, 2016
    LONDON (Reuters) - A delivery driver who plotted to kill U.S. troops based in England by staging road accidents to lure soldiers from their cars and then attack them with knives and possibly a home-made bomb was jailed for life on Friday.

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