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Take a look inside every successful organisation and you will hear people saying a version of this question: "How can we make it better?". The people in successful organisations know that not improving is really going backwards, and that the only way to ensure continued success is to keep on improving every day & every week.

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  • Greeks head towards Sunday vote in anger and confusion July 2, 2015
    ATHENS (Reuters) - As Greece heads to a referendum on Sunday that could decide its future in the euro zone, long queues at cash machines have become the most potent symbol of the cost of the deadlock between the left-wing government and its international lenders.
  • Irish tax take 4 percent above target at end-June July 2, 2015
    DUBLIN (Reuters) - Ireland's tax take was 4.1 percent or over 800 million euros above target at the end of June, with income, corporation and value-added taxes all growing strongly, data showed on Thursday.


  • France, Britain to step up action to dissuade migrants July 2, 2015
    PARIS (Reuters) - France and Britain agreed on Thursday to step up efforts to discourage migrants from Africa and the Middle East trying to stow away on vehicles crossing the Channel between the two countries.

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  • Colombia capital on edge after two small explosions July 3, 2015
    BOGOTA (Reuters) - Two small bombs exploded in Bogota, Colombia's capital, on Thursday afternoon, injuring seven, according to the defence minister, who said he would deploy greater numbers of military and police onto the streets in response to the "terrorist doings."

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