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Self-awareness is the key to influence, and our ability to get along with others. However, self-awareness means being aware of both the good and the bad. Some people avoid the bad, because of the way it makes them feel, and they don’t ever see the way for themselves to improve. Ignore your awareness at your peril.

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  • Monsanto rejects Bayer bid, but open to more talks May 24, 2016
    (Reuters) - Monsanto Co , the world's largest seed company, turned down Bayer AG's $62 billion (£42.4 billion) acquisition bid as "incomplete and financially inadequate" on Tuesday, but said it was open to engage further in negotiations.
  • Stung by loss of secrecy at home, Swiss banks run into trouble in Asia May 24, 2016
    ZURICH/SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Regulators' closure of the Swiss BSI bank's Asian outpost for failing in its duty to prevent money-laundering has highlighted the risks of hunting wealthy clients farther afield as Swiss banks' traditional line in hiding money from foreign tax men is choked off.


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