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Our strengths drive our success, so it’s logical that making better use of our strengths should help us drive even greater success. This is often true with successful leaders…they focus more and more on their strengths, and then surround themselves with people who have strengths in their weaknesses.

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  • Japan core consumer inflation grinds to halt, keeps Bank of Japan pressured March 27, 2015
    TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's annual core consumer inflation ground to a halt in February when excluding the effect of last year's tax hike, the first time it has stopped rising in nearly two years, keeping the central bank under pressure to expand monetary stimulus further.
  • Oil leaps 5 percent, most in a month, on air strikes in Yemen March 26, 2015
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil jumped about 5 percent on Thursday, the biggest daily gain in a month, as air strikes in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies sparked fears that escalation of the Middle East battle could disrupt world crude supplies.


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  • German pilot said to have suffered from depression, anxiety March 27, 2015
    MONTABAUR, Germany (Reuters) - The German pilot believed to have deliberately crashed a plane in the French Alps killing 150 people broke off his training six years ago due to depression and spent over a year in psychiatric treatment, a German newspaper reported on Friday.

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