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The Obvious?

One of the things that most appeals to me about the Internet is its potential to cross political, geographical and cultural boundaries and make us feel more part of a connected whole than ever before. 

Having said that I work around the world with people from widely varying cultures who have different perspectives on the Internet and its opportunities. In fact it is usually unproductive to assume that we are all the same and have the same expectations. 

Maybe we need to celebrate, and possibly even reinforce, the differences before we start assuming too much about similarities? Maybe we can have both? Maybe we can feel more comfortable about the ways that we are different while at the same time growing to appreciate more the ways that we are the same?

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Mark’s Daily Thought – Ideas from Mark Fritz to help you Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Be Successful

Leaders who drive successful company cultures are as open as possible, and encourage their people to be as open as possible too. Nothing stops teamwork and great execution more than people holding back what they are thinking. To create a more successful organisation, be as open as possible.

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Mark’s Daily Thought – Ideas from Mark Fritz to help you Get Ahead, Stay Ahead and Be Successful

Look at the best company cultures, and you notice everyone asking each other for help. The people in these cultures know that everyone grows faster when they help each other, and view asking for help as a strength. In fact, not asking for help is a weakness, as you are limiting the pace of your own development.

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